Basic data

Basic information


Posts, shares, procurations in enterprises

Actual data

Number of posts0
Number of shares0
Number of procurations0
Beneficial owner0

Historical data

Number of posts6
Number of shares6
Number of procurations0
Historical beneficial ownerships0

Relationship graph

Information about person's relations with other legal or natural persons.



Actual data

Commercial pledges1
Collateral for shares owned by a person0

Historical data

Commercial pledges1
Collateral for shares owned by a person3

Property relations of spouses

Actual data1
Historical data0

Mass media

Information about owners and publishers of mass media registered in Latvia.

Actual data

Actual data0

Historical data

Historical data0

Other registers

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Power of Attorney

Revoked powers 0


Samples of signatures1

Other registers in Latvia

Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) View
Inheritance register View
Register of herds View

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